Friday, July 24, 2009

What the President really said....

(Engage snark)

"What do I think about the arrest of professor Gates? Well... let me begin by saying that I know nothing about the case, but, as you all know, I am a self centered egotistical twit and I know you will happily take anything I say as gospel, therefor I don't really need to know any of the facts before I comment. After all, I won, right?

So... with the understanding that I don't have any idea what really happened, I am perfectly certain that I can offer the only opinion that really counts here.... the good professor, being a friend of mine, is of course black. And I have heard that the officer is that other color, you know, white. So without a doubt, and let me be clear on this even though there's nothing but my opinion here, I am certain the police behaved stupidly in this case. After all, the learned gentleman is black, and a friend of mine, so there's really nothing he could possible have done that justified his arrest. Clearly it was a case of racial profiling, as is so rampant in our nation, and something I have pledged myself to fight against until we have a fair society where anyone of any race or creed can be my friend and therefor above the law. I hope I have made myself clear on this, and if not, check with my staff and they will provide you with a copy of the story you can publish".

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Borepatch said...

That right there's some quality snark. Yessir.

Mongo said...

Thank you.... thank you.... I'll be here all week. (g).