Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday bits and pieces......

*School begins for real on Monday. I get my kids (!). I'm finally feeling the anxious anxiety.

*Relationships... dating.... things like that..... are complicated. The dog is not so complicated. He just trots in, checks out whatever I'm having for dinner, and sticks around if he wants some. It's a simple relationship that I can understand and deal with. I wish dealing with people was that easy.

*School..... at our opening instructor follies, the admin showed a recruiting video one of our graphics programs built last year. There were three instructor interview segments in it.... I think it was three. I was two of them. Bloody AARRGggg! I could have crawled under my chair, I had no idea that was their nefarious plan when they were filming.

* Today and tomorrow are work-at-the-store days. All day, each day. Sunday, my last day of freedom before school begins.... I may spend at the PA RenFaire again. Another free ticket has drifted my way, and someone has asked to come along and make it a photo shoot kind of thing. It might be a fun day...

* I began my latest PSU course last night. Ed-Psych this time, and it looks like a good one. The Prof said up front that it will be low pressure and no papers due, but we will have exams and presentations. I expect to get some useful stuff from this course.... especially with my incoming class to use as examples :-)

* Given this course is relatively low pressure, I will likely sign up for another beginning next month. Yes, that means carrying six credits while teaching a big class at the same time.... but I guess I have the evenings to do it right now. Other things will have to give way, but so be it. No one will complain about my absence.

* I get my kids Monday!

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Jean said...

Psychology has always been a fascination of mine. What a cool class to take.

Have a fun weekend and good luck with the new group of students!