Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday morning thoughts....

It's another lovely Friday (he said half in sarcasm and half in wonder). The hot water heater malfunctioned last night, but it was an easy fix and we have hot water for morning showers. The coffee maker acted screwy, but there is coffee in the cups. The weather report has words like 'Precipitation' and 'Thunderstorm' and 'Cataclysmic' in it, but right now there are wisps of blue sky in sight. The checking account has bumped a bit in the night, and that is always welcome.... although I'd like to be more welcoming :-)

Friday... and a long day at Mrs. Penn's awaits. Tomorrow as well, more of the same. In the quiet times at the shop I have been making a few pieces, and they are on the web site. That much has been enjoyable, and the customers too. Some really interesting people shop there, even the ones from New York.

Sunday, a day of rest, and my last free day before I morph into Teacher Man on Monday. Sunday.... I think a day at Baltimore's Inner Harbor will suit just fine. New sights and sounds in a wholly new environment. I can wish I had a few more free days, and perhaps take a room there for the night..... but something in me rebels at the thought of taking a hotel room alone for anything but business.

I've been thinking about people, as is my way, and how they maintain public images and private. The projected view carefully built and shown to the world, and the inner vision just as carefully hoarded away from prying eyes. Perhaps the relationship between two people can be defined by how far inside this created vision they allow the other to see.

I'll give it more thought, and maybe lay down said thoughts to words. We shall see.

Ya'll have a good Friday, and I'll be thinking of ya!


Crucis said...

I attended a trade show in Baltimore around ten years ago. While there, I visited the water-front, the aquarium and several warships on display including a post-WW2 sub. I had some really nice blue crab and chowder at a sea-side restaurant too. Don't remember the name now.

While you're in town, if you like steam, visit the B&O RR museum. It's a very short drive from down-town and has sample engines from the beginning of the railroad.

Have a nice trip.

Bruce B. said...

I spent some time around Baltimore twenty years ago. If you're going to the Inner Harbor, the best seafood place was the Charthouse. The restaurants in Little Italy are all good. Get over to Fort McHenry too. If you're ranging farther than Baltimore check out Annapolis and maybe the Eastern shore.

The traffic on the Bay Bridge at Annapolis is usually a parking lot eastbound on Saturday and the same westbound on Sunday afternoon/evening because it seems the whole pop. of the area heads to Ocean City, MD every weekend

William said...

I second the B&O RR museum. It's in a bad neighborhood, because it's a roundhouse in a train yard. They have some very, very interesting stuff though.

Sparrow said...

Some really interesting people shop there, even the ones from New York.