Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm BAAaaaaack!

First day back in school.... and no chilluns till Monday next. This week is devoted to getting ready, doing 'in-service' training, finding out what wonderful things have been done to our arrangements over the summer, and other activities second only to heavy dental work in capturing one's interest.

I wasn't there an hour when I found an administrator walking a tour of new people through the halls (and my program). I attempted to squirm my way past, engaging my cloak of invisibility. Naturally, the cloak failed me just as I was making my break for freedom. A voice called me back for introductions.... and once done I raised my hand over the group and intoned "May God have mercy on your souls......"

Perhaps that wasn't the correct greeting to a group of new folks at school... as now I have an appointment with 'Maam' at 9am on Wednsday.


Okay.... all that is true, but she said it was about something good, and how it concerned me being 'the target' in what they are looking for in the building. That might have been meant to be nice... but I have to say.... I am uncomfortable being described as 'the target'.

My partner and I will be ready on time, without stressing too much I think. We work well together, and that helps a lot.

All day today... as I was breaking industrial copiers and piling up a mind numbing stack of work for my incoming angels.... this song was going through my mind. It helped that I had it playing on a large sound system in the background, turned up just enough to discourage conversation in my wing of the building.

I return tomorrow, and every other day this week, for training, restraining, and detaining. It shall be interesting!

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