Saturday, August 29, 2009

It really does go full circle, doesn't it?

Years ago I had a buddy. A guy I worked with, and spent a lot of time doing friend like things with. He came to my house a lot, his kids played with my kids, we all went out together... it was good times.

He used to go places with my wife, and I'd be doing something else or maybe watching all the youngens. They'd run out to the grocery store, to get beer, whatever. Friends would joke that he was dating my wife, and I'd always respond "He's welcome to her, but he gets the kids, the house, and all the bills with her!" My buddy joked that if I said that one more time he'd never come back to my house.

Well, this morning I saw it come full circle. In traffic, going the other way, I saw my own truck. I know it was mine as the rear window protection rack is one I designed and welded myself. There isn't another like it in the world. In the passenger seat was my STBEW. Driving it, her boyfriend (no one I know), and going the direction they were, it's likely they were headed to her mothers house (Her Dragonness herself)

It flashed into my head... this guy got her, the kids, the truck, and all the bills...... and I was headed to the range in peace all by myself.

I got the better of that deal.

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