Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PNC Bank..... Followup items.

In a previous post I described a situation involving PNC Bank. Since then, a few mildly interesting things have happened concerning the institution and the accounts in question.

It appears that PNC chose not to honor the entries that had been made to the on-line bill paying system before they severed our access to it. We are now getting calls from creditors saying the payments are late..... but only the payments that had been set up through PNC's online system. Isn't that special.......

Of course we are paying those bills at once over the phone, but it all adds up to a colossal pain in the behind. I suppose it's my fault in part, as I did not print out the bills I had set to pay in the future. Whether laziness or a naive trust that PNC would honor the payments while the money was in the account.... either way, silly me.

I did notice that someone from a 'PNC' server accessed this blog, and specifically the post I wrote earlier. Perhaps that had something to do with a phone call yesterday... from Gallup Polling. The Gallup rep was calling PNC customers, specifically the location where we did do business, and asking pointed questions about customer service. I quickly realized that polling methodology did not regard my comments as useful, and they only wanted a one thru five numerical answer. So be it, and that is what I gave them.

It was clearly a push poll, with the poll taker telling how much PNC cared about it's customers, and how they valued my opinion, and how they wanted to serve their clients, and how they were going to plant a flower in my name and bake me fresh cookies and rub my tired feet.... everything but act with integrity and honesty.

Listening to the local public that comes into the store here, I suspect that PNC may not be long for the banking world. The banking waters are full of very hungry sharks just now, and an institution that's built a reputation for lousy service and a lack of integrity will not last long.

We are almost shut of PNC Bank, working our way out of their clutching and greedy grasp. The business and personal accounts have been reopened at another local institution with an excellent reputation, and one that comes highly recommended by the locals. It's amusing.... as we were in the new bank opening accounts, we mentioned we were leaving another local bank as we were unhappy with how they did business. The officer at the new bank told us who we were leaving without us having to name names.... and that was worth a laugh. It speaks volumes, I think.

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I STILL like the fish in the safety deposit box idea.