Thursday, August 13, 2009


I woke early... as usual, and now have some quiet time to sip coffee and take it easy. It seems the universe has decided to like me so far today, with a cool breeze coming in the window and the sound of a gentle rain falling outside.

The coffee tastes good......


The sun comes up each morning, no matter what I wish, and I shall fight each days battles as they come. As the Yoopers sang in a song once.... "They caint hurt me! I'm too tuff!"

Yesterday I had hours of bench time, and put together several custom rings for customers. I also made a few pieces on spec for store stock. That was enjoyable, and I'd happily spend more time doing it if I could. But... the store needs a runnin and school is a comin and life goes on.

Still..... the coffee tastes very good this morning.

Saturday.... there's a good chance I'll be at a rock and gem show in Lebanon, buying for store stock. Afterwards, back to the store and doors open. Sunday... ah Sunday.... I have firmly resisted each and every single demand on my time and reserved Sunday for myself. The PA RenFaire is in full swing, and Sunday is supposed to be weather fair. I plan on arriving early and filling the 8 gig card in my camera (G).

On the Glockity front, I find the G-30 .45 carries as easily as the M+P 9mm compact. In other words, it virtually dissapears on my belt for the day, only making it's presence known as I seat my chubby butt in the chair at the jewelers bench. It's time I get a holster dedicated to the G-30.... and I have my eye on a Dun Hume rig. It looks comfortable and of decent quality. An unlikely candidate for the big-box-O- holsters.

Time to shower and find some motivation.... and another cup of this delicious coffee.

Ya'll have a good day... and enjoy the battle.

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