Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ugh.... why is this so tiring?

Feel like a heavy freight truck just used me for a skid plate. Why is 'store keeping' so exhausting? Maybe it's just me.......... getting old :-(o

Bit of fun today.... a couple sub humans of the genus 'girl' came in. One had been in before, with another of the tribe. When they were in previously... the teacher in me had come to the fore... and I gave them each a challenge. I handed each a small but interesting stone, and told them if they could come back in a week and tell what each was, they could have them. Of course I let them take the stones with them. I knew they were intrigued and would do their best to come up with answers.

Today, one of those girls from before was in and brought a new victim... ah.... applicant. The new girl was too shy to speak, so her friend asked the question. "Can she get a stone to find out about too?"

He he.... you bet she can! Now I have three youngens out there researching rocks as hard as they can, just so they can keep what I already gave them. (BSEG!) I am dead certain they have been in many times before, and that Shirley adored them... that was her style. I can't let their magic die.... so challenge them I must, if only for her sake.

I was also tasked with making a Chakra healing pendant for a woman. She chose the crystals for the beginning and termination... the rest is up to me. I have never made anything like this before.... but she knows that and doesn't care. She wants me to make it for her. Steep learning curve on this one.... not only the mechanicals of the piece, but the lore as well.

Enough updates.... too tired to do any more. Time for eyelid inspection while listening to music and sipping an adult beverage.

Ya'll have a good evening... ya hear?


Anonymous said...

You make a chakra healing pendant out of Hershey's chakra chips, silly.

Anonymous said...

Like I'm gonna sign my name to a pun like that.

Mongo said...

Perfectly understandable Mr. Anonymous. At least you didn't reference using Count Chakrala cereal. That would have been particularly bad. (G).

Willorith said...

My Good Sir-

I think your soul is being refreshed. I sense a renewal in your writing. When you speak of the kids you are teaching, even casually through your rock challenge, your optimism and enthusiasm shine through your dark overlay. You are a teacher unlike most teachers. I had two teachers in high school like you. Now, 35 years later, those classes are bright nuggets of wonder in the gloom of my receding adolescence. It pleases me that I'm seeing a renewed person in your writing. I know that in years hence your students will be very pleased to have known you.