Monday, August 3, 2009

Yup, nearly half a Sig......

Ouch. Almost half a Sig, just for 'reading' glasses.... but I paid the 'Lens Crafters' price to have it done quickly. Time is too valuable to me to do otherwise.

I made the point of describing in detail the close work I do, and that's the glasses I received.... sigh. They have a depth of field of about 12" to 16", and everything is crystal in that range. Laptop range..... they are not much good. Working on jewelry and close work... they are perfect.

In a few weeks I'll go back and order progressives.... to add in the long range correction and these things in the same lens. That oughta be interesting........

In to the store to pick up mail, deal with the bank, clean up a few details... and then to the range! I found Federal Champion .22 ammunition on sale at $16 a brick. It has the same weight bullet at the same velocity as the CCI Mini Mag, so it should operate the Sig Mosquito just as well, right? RIGHT? Not a chance in hell. Misfeeds one in ten, just like everything but Mini Mags (at $7/100). Ah well... at least CCI Mini-Mags are readily available, and far cheaper than centerfire.

One thing I am really coming to enjoy about shooting a lot more rimfire.... and that is not chasing my empties. Sure, I have been picking up everything reloadable I can, but there is a certain joy to sending 200 rounds down range and just packing up and walking away.

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Bruce B. said...

Check your paperwork from Lenscrafters. The last time I went there they had a 100% satisfaction guarantee that they'd replace for free until you were happy with the glasses but it was a short time limit to get back in for the replacement. Something like three days IIRC.