Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring on labor day...


This is what I am NOT having for breakfast this morning.... as the blasted elves have not shown up for duty to cook it. I suspect they caught wind of this whole labor day thing. Sadly, my sense of duty has not heard of it, and work calls today.

Contemplation has caught up with me this morning. I spent it over a mug of coffee, thinking about the past, with whispers of the future. Life's strange turnings come without being asked..... and attack with joyous abandon those unprepared.

Enjoy your day my friends...

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Crucis said...

Well, in a few minutes, I'm going out to light some charcoal in the grill. Mrs. Crucis has a nice 2lb sirloin upstairs in the kitchen and when the coals are just right, I'm going to slap that steak down on the grill.

Five minutes per side---twice and it'll be ready.


Hope you had a good labor day as well, 'cause I didn't labor today at all.