Friday, September 11, 2009

Light blogging? No blogging?

I have not been blogging much lately, and stopped to think on that this morning.

I'm back in school teaching, and that situation has stress multiplied three times over previous years.... Admin is dumping on additional asinine work to the point that instructors are reconsidering career choices. I know three who are interviewing at other schools right now.

Personal life.... has become both stressed and interesting, for various reasons. None seem all that bloggable really. Much I say might hurt people I don't wish to hurt, and much would be of no interest to anyone else.

Perhaps this blog will fade away.... we shall see.


Crucis said...

You have to decide what is best for you. Perhaps, take a vacation from blogging as Holly is doing. Or, if that appears to be a better choice, stop blogging.

Whatever your choice, we will still be here if/when you return.

Be well.

freddyboomboom said...

If it does fade away, so be it.

I hope not, you're an eloquent writer, one I enjoy reading.

Don't worry about blogging every day.

Blog when YOU WANT, not on some schedule you think you need to blog on.

We'll be here.

Rev. Paul said...

Give it time, friend. I have days at a time when I can't think of anything that interests me, much less anyone else.

I can usually find something, but often feel as though I'm having to manufacture it. The posts which satisfy me the most are those which write themselves, once I start typing.

Give it time. We'll be here.

Sparrow said...

Fade away if you must, but know that if you did you would be sorely missed. So don't.

JK said...

bummer...I'm missing your political commentary and insight.

Mongo said...

Sorry J... Life is difficult, pressures are high, and I've just run out of things I wish to say to the world.