Friday, September 4, 2009


Silence.... is a language of it's own. To each person it speaks it's own words.

In some, silence is the enemy, to be avoided lest it reveal hated emptiness.

To others, silence is a friend, allowing beauty to form and flourish.

Between people, silence is a defining source of reflection. A mirror to a relationship. While one pair may chatter incessantly, leaving no gap where doubt may creep in, others live a different pairing.

In a few, a very few, a rare few.....silence is a language of love.

There are those who can sit together, hours on end, reading old books. Not a word spoken, just the odd chuckle, a sigh, a glance. Such lovers can communicate far better with a silent glance than any grand poet can after slaving over fatted sonnets.

Silence... like a welcome breeze on a scorching day.... shared between two who need no spoken words to communicate. Silence, warm silence, enveloping their world and forming walls no outsider can break through.

Nothing more that a simple touch, without a word, passing in it's spark a message of love that's timeless and tested. Words, no matter how artfully arranged, pale when faced with such silence. Quiet full of meaning, brimming with emotion, solid with shared joy.

Silence... a language shared by so few, such a lucky and rare few.


Borepatch said...

Rare indeed.

Mongo said...

Yes.... I've has such only a few times in my life, and all have gone past now. Others pale before the memory.

Sparrow said...

I remember a friend of mine saying that the highest compliment she could give to her husband was "being with him is like being alone" -- not because he's not "present", but because she was as much herself with him as she was when she was alone: relaxed, content, comfortable. In a place where such a silence can exist.

Jean said...

Silence filled with meaning and comfort. A rarity, indeed.
I envy Sparrow's friend.

Tam said...

"There are those who can sit together, hours on end, reading old books."

Those are the bestest friends ever.