Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kicked out of orbit......

Nine hours sleep last night, and I almost feel human again. The exhaustion must have been more than I thought. I woke to find I had left this computer on, all the lights on, the fan on....I hadn't done anything more than walk into the bedroom and fall into bed. I don't recall doing that. It was a surprise to me to wake up there, and even more to find everything up and running here. I don't remember ever doing that before.

I find my mind is beginning to kick over a little this morning. Kind of like a push mower that's been garaged all winter with no Stabil in the fuel. Spitting, sputtering, and putting.... but trying to run.

Several life changing events in the last week, and what do you know... my life has changed. It remains to be seen how much, or what the future will be like, but I still have hope and that's something.

My personal survival instinct was to dive headfirst into work, and that's what I did. No shooting, and I haven't touched my cameras in a week. Just... work, and taking care of other people mostly. I've read the news each day, mostly from habit, but found no amount of institutional lunacy and greed have been able to stir an emotion in me just now. I flip to another site, another blog, and read on.... almost without understanding the words. Habit, comfortable habit.

This morning, a second dawn is appearing and I'm thinking of things I'd like to do with myself, and for myself. Once the obligations are met and I have a few days, I think I'm going to take some time to myself. Perhaps a trip down to Williamsburg to wander in the evening air.... not really sure just yet.


Rev. Paul said...

Getting out & walking around would do a world of good. The air will also help clear your head.

I'm glad you got some rest.

Mongo said...

Good thoughts Paul.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon at a match, with good people around me and something to concentrate on.

Looking to take a few days away soon... that would be good I think.