Friday, July 17, 2009

This evening...

Shirley is in the tender care of hospice, and will rest easier this night amongst caring people who can keep her comfortable. Her family will be at her side off and on, taking turns in a way.

Here, sleep will be possible tonight as well. It will be welcome.


Rev. Paul said...

It's never easy, is it? My aunt, only a few years older than me, drank & smoke herself to death a few years ago. We hadn't been close in years, but waiting to see if she'd inhale again was agonizing.

I can only imagine what you've been through; you're still in my prayers.

spiritofthemaple said...

It is your turn to sleep tonite.
Shirley will be watched over by
very caring people and angels.
Good nite and Blessed Be

Mongo said...

And sleep I did. Nine hours. More in one night than in the last five together.

Now.... coffee would be good.

lucy said...

Hospice is a wonderful organization. You should be comforted to know someone you love will be cared for by these fine people.