Friday, July 31, 2009

More mosquito bites....

Yesterday I made it to the range before opening the store. It's like a brain cell flashing into existence long enough to point out how much sense that made. It's cooler, the sun is not bearing on ones head, the contestant is fresher and more able to enjoy the fun....

I only had 45 minutes to play, and I wanted to try out a few more brands/types of ammunition in the Sig Mosquito. It was an interesting three quarters of an hour.

First, Remington Thunderball high velocity plain lead bullet. I call it the 'Homer Simpson' of .22 rimfire ammo. It usually works, but makes you go 'DOH' and smack yourself occasionally. The batch I have (three bricks worth) have oversize bullets. That's not a big issue for owner operated .22 rifles, but it makes self loaders angry. The Mosquito was no exception. Misfeed city.... I had to assist every third round to chamber. Bummer.... that ammo gets saved for the CZ rifle. It will eat anything and spit them into tiny little groups, no matter what it is.

Next, the dreaded Federal bulk pack. HV HP in this case. This ammuntion had it's own issues. With a full ten rounds loaded in the magazine, the pressure of the top two rounds against the slide was enough to cause misfeeds. Slide velocity was just too low, and too erratic to function well. Dropping back to eight rounds solved the problem.... but who wants to underload? Another two bricks for the bolt action CZ.

CCI Blazer HV solids..... perfect function every time. Not a hickup, not even a sneeze. They loaded in the magazine easily and functioned smoothly. I noted that all the ejected CCI empties landed next to each other.. and that has to mean something. The Federal's were clearly ejecting in erratic fashion, some going eight feet away and some going straight up and bouncing off the pistol as they fell back.

CCI Mini Mags, as the Sig boys suggest... worked flawlessly on firing. I did note a few were harder to shove in the magazine though. I think the Mini Mag's are slightly longer than the other .22 rimfire ammunition offerings, and this showed against the internal dimensions of the Mosquito magazine.

Two thoughts come to mind after playing with this thing. My next trip to the range will find the spare Sig recoil spring coming with me. I want to see what effect it has on function with the various ammunitions. Also, when time permits (HAH!) I would like to do a full blown breakdown and inspection on some of the .22 rimfire offerings on the market today. There are clearly large differences in dimensions and velocity variations, but I'd like to put some numbers to that.

Now, that would be an interesting weekend........

Yes, I'm strange like that.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on the Federal bulk. All my autoloading .22's chew through that stuff with out any issues.

I'm with you on the Remington Thunderbolt ammo, I've got one brick left and it's assigned to my kid's single shot. I'll be glad when it's gone!

Rev. Paul said...

"Strange"? I don't think so. Sounds like fun.

I'm remembering the "Bucket o' Bullets" from Wal-Mart, way back when, and discovering the lead bullets didn't always feed correctly in the autoloader. Single-shot, bolt action Stevens? Well, sure, but then practically anything works when you put each round in the barrel yourself.

Still sounds like fun.

Crucis said...

I've never thought to mic a .22 round. My .22 autoloader is a Browning Buckmark and I've never had a feed problem. Now getting my Kimber 1911 to eat home loaded SWC rounds is another story. I'd get a FTF about 1 in 15-20 rounds. They'd jam entering the chamber hanging on the WC lip. Tried all sorts of variation of OAL and never really cured the situation. LRN of same weight worked all day.

You're always learning with a new pistol same as with reloading.

Glad you seem to be feeling a bit better. Grieving works. It's when you don't that long term problems seem to occur.