Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday evening me blogging

It is Saturday, right? I'm beginning to lose track. The days do blend together after a while, sometimes.

There is a Good looking Idaho baker in the oven. In about 45 minutes, I'll pull it out and replace it with a very expensive, and very tender, New York strip steak under the broiler. These two items will be my dinner, along with a glass of fine smokey Makers Mark bourbon. This meal is my reward to myself for surviving the week :-)

The store is shaping up, with lots of hard work. Each day it gets better looking, and dealing with the customers gets easier (and more fun). Dealing with the cranky old man.... that is not so fun. It's a serious emotional drain, and my main reason for rewarding myself with a fine meal. I'll not talk more on the subject tonight. It's relax time now.

After closing the store, an hour at the range experimenting with the Sig Mosquito. Maybe 150 rounds were expended, and it was a good experience. While I was gathering information for an upcoming post regarding the pistol, it was still a good practice session. Draw and fire, fire on the move, malf drills..... exactly what a low cost rimfire pistol like the Mosquito is designed for.

Tonight, dinner... music.... and a good book. Tomorrow can take care of itself.

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