Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meteors and rain..............

It's raining here... pouring, in fact, and that rather matches my mood. It's very fitting, really. A little thunder in the distance would seal the bargain, and remove all doubt of an overreaching spirit in charge of the universe.

What I have, instead of thunder, is the sound of someone leaning into the throttle on a Harley. Perhaps the fact that someone is both crazy enough, and lucky enough to survive riding a Harley in this deluge is a clear sign of a miracle? No... that just doesn't cut it.... and the doubts will remain for now.

Yesterday I discovered a Tektite amongst the store clutter. It's just a small piece of dark glass-like material, melted into a softened shape no bigger than the end of my thumb. It's utterly ordinary and un-noteworthy, until it's origin is understood.

This piece of once molten glass-like material is the result of a meteor strike on the earth. It quite possible contains material from the meteorite that struck, itself probably molten and splashing together with the super heated bits of the earth it blasted.

I think I shall shape it on the diamond wheels, into something that reflects it's nature. After, a mounting of silver to make a pendant of it. Inevitably, a woman will come along who understands what it is, and wishes to wear it. It's happened with just about every other piece I've shaped, and no doubt will with this one as well. Sometimes I feel like I'm just the go between. The man between a stones beginnings, who holds it and shapes it for a time.... before passing it on to the woman who was meant to have it all along.


Jean said...

Must be a wonderful feeling, to have everything you make wanted by someone.

Mongo said...

I make little now, Jean. I would like to do more, but it's just turned to rocks and silver in my hands. The image and drive have faded away, and left no flavor behind.

This chunk of meteoric glass is the first thing I've fashioned in two months, that I've actually shaped.

As for being wanted.... your poetry is wonderful, and heart rending at the same time. Your words are wanted.... very wanted.