Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday morning update...


Now a few hours later, and I heard the thunder I wanted to hear.

The Tektite form has been cut, ground, polished, and mounted. I'm wearing it on a heavy silver chain as I write this. I chose heavy, heavy silver... almost brutish in it's strength. It seems fitting for this piece on this day.

It's a travelers stone.... created in the destruction of a star flung visitor from untold distance. Perhaps it will lend me some of that magic. Perhaps it's just mine to keep till it's real owner appears in front of me one day.

Perhaps.... I shall have another mug of coffee. No, that is assured I think. The coffee machine has beeped it's acceptance of the brew, and I won't ignore that.


Rev. Paul said...

That piece looks nice. And the 'real owner' may be a guy.

Mongo said...

Could be Paul, could be.

I've given away or sold every piece I've ever made. Maybe this one will stay mine.