Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh... Look.......

It's morning again..... and I seem to be ambivalent about that. On the one hand I suppose I should be happy that it's arrived at all, with it's tweety little birds chirping merrily away in the trees, and the cheerful blue sky warming in the clear morning sunrise....

But, on the other hand, it's morning...... and I just can't seem to get excited about anything at all. So far, the best I have accomplished is a half satisfied grunt after managing to make coffee without seriously disrupting the universe. I mean, I don't dare manifest the energy for something as astounding as a shower yet, as I have a certain feeling that doing so would alter some far away planets orbit and eliminate entire civilizations. At least... that's the way it feels this morning.

In a little while I shall attempt a bowl of cereal, and maybe manage it without damaging something really serious, like the local weather patterns.

In a couple hours I should be at the Lebanon gem show, buying stock for the store. I certainly hope my attitude improves by then, or they shall likely park me with the trolls in the corner. After the show, back to Mrs. Penn's Shoppe for an afternoon of joyful clerksmanship....... (please do not step in the puddle of sarcasm).

Tomorrow I plan on attending the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. To that end, I have been watching the weather forecast several times each day. It seems that Sunday shall be clear, but the predicted temperature is a variable. An upward variable. Each time I look, the weather service has pegged Sundays likely temperature upwards a few degrees. Right now, the guess is somewhere in the lower nineties. If the trend continues, I expect to be watching strong men fainting in the heat Sunday, and the lovely ladies sparkly dresses will probably be catching fire while reflecting deadly blinding rays from the sequins on their bodices. What fun!


Jean said...

*tip-toeing and whispering*

It's mid-afternoon now.
Is it better yet? I hope.

Mongo said...

And now it's evening..... :-)

Going to the rock and gem for business is far different than going for fun. I didn't even bother taking my camera. It was all just... business. A pocket full of cash and my brain cranked up to 'Profit possibility'.

The show was not fun, it was not bad... it was just.... work.

Saw, and bought, some very kewl stuff.

Jean said...

ok, well that's off your list ;-)

Fingers crossed for fun on Sunday!

Mongo said...

I survived!

So far..... :-)