Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few interesting moments today...

At least, interesting to me. After reading up a bit on solipsism, I'm not sure anything else matters. In fact, I had better read a little more as I am fairly certain I cannot logically prove that even I exist, and that may not be a good thing.

In any case, a few good moments at the store today. A young lady stopped in, and I recalled she was the one who asked me to build a few special pieces. She wasn't expecting them done yet, but I had them ready and surprised her. It went.... well. Very well indeed. I like making people happy like that... it makes the day.

Later, perhaps as a sign the universe finally tallied up all the nastier moments it's blown my way lately... a couple came in to say hi. In fact, they wanted to say more than hello... they wanted to say thanks, and tell me how wonderful their wedding had gone. A few weeks back I fitted them wedding bands, and again, it went very well indeed.

Now, obviously I cannot take credit for anything more than a pair of silver bands, and even those were mostly finished before I sprinkled my mad ogre dust all over them. But, it was still pretty damn touching that they came in just to share their joy. These were no children, but a middle aged couple and quite well spoken. The way they felt about each other was clear as the bourbon I'll be pouring in my glass shortly, and I rather swelled up a bit as I contemplated my small part in that.

All in all... a fair to middling good day, which has me a bit flummoxed. You see, it's been quite a while since a day went mostly decently, and I am beginning to wonder where the other boot is, and when it's going to fall. In fact, I am considering sleeping in the basement, as by now the boot must bear a strange resemblance to the space shuttle, and may even now be streaking towards the house, leaving behind it a vapor trail of charred laces and scorched sole.


AmericanMercenary said...

You can prove your existence by proving that you are not non-existent.

Simply by observing you prove that there is an observer, and all observers must exist.

Renee Decarte's quote "I think therefore I am" sums up the question of existence versus non existence nicely.

Crucis said...

I see your mood is up today. That's always good. There is a large Renaissance Fair in KC. It start over Labor Day, I think and continues every weekend until Halloween. The SCA is a large part of it with sword fights and jousts. Many have home-made armor that would put medieval armor to shame.

Glad you had a fun day. The "sights" are make things better. :-)