Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That's life in the..... well...... here.

Like they say, some days it's hardly even worth chewing through the restraints.

Admin called a zero notice seven minute faculty meeting yesterday morning, in which to explain how they are backing off some of the new time demands they have made this year. The thing is.... I can't seem to figure out who's time was salvaged, theirs or ours. The only thing I see lightening up on are the 'observations' they were to make of us. Those cost us nothing but a few headaches, and scheduling issues when they miss the appointed times. Then again... they had a loooong faculty meeting on Thursday of last week, to try and explain more of what is now expected of us. They'll be another faculty meeting today too, to do the same I suppose, plus a center meeting on Thursday where we have to hand in some of that extra work.

The thing is.... each and every one of these meetings where they tell us about more work we must do.... is held during what little bits of time we are allowed in which to do the work. Yes.... this week we will lose half our planning time to meetings where we are told what to do during our planning time.

Ah well... surely people schmarter than I will figure it out. I just do as much of my job as they will allow, teach my kids as best I can, and walk out at the end of the day. This morning I overslept, and just can't work up the energy to care. Let's see.... what exactly is the time we are contracted to arrive by?


Student wise..... It's shaping up to be a seriously challenging year. A week in, some of them are showing promise already. Some... a lot.... are pretty limited. I think we will be rebuilding the program this year.... downward. We are three days into safety lesson that only took one day last year.

In my Psych-Ed course, the professor puts forth a few thoughts on just why our students intelligence and abilities are trending the way they are. It's downright frightening, in a way. I don't have time to wait for evolution to work... there's not enough years left in my career.

Then again... there's not enough cash in my bank account to quit either....


Jean said...

Meetings about meetings so they can have more meetings. One of the things that I do not miss about working.
Actually, the only thing I do miss is the paycheck. Still hoping to find one of those again soon.

Anonymous said...

You realize, of course, that your students haven't bred yet, and it's a golden opportunity to chlorinate the gene pool with an arc welder...

Rev. Paul said...

Anon@9:38 said it well. Besides, if you didn't have the teaching gig, imagine all we readers who wouldn't get to giggle and snort at the inanity of the ongoing situation.

Sad about the rapidly declining cranial horsepower, though.

Rev. Paul said...

I have frequently observed that stupidity is its own reward. The idea that the faculty can do more work is less time is worse than stupidity: it's governmental stupidity.

That, and the obvious lack of care about anything other than generating the requisite number of reports necessary to continue the flow of funds into the coffers.

I am ever-more grateful that I homeschooled my daughters.